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The silent night downtown. Summer afternoon, sunny, wutong mottled shadows, night business outdoor cafes and bars in bright light fast asleep.

Palm-sized stone paved road, the Italian restaurant on both sides of the street, the meaning of the flavour is dye-in-the-wood mansions, magnificently decorated restaurant, with delicate sign, with elegant words, to attract customers. Ivy chair and table under the parasol, waiting for the cool busy night. Occasionally going out from the restaurant waiter, young write tonight on board at the menu, hurried into the store again. Dark outside the window of the canopy rhythmically ringing in the wind, window sill flowers is bright, the flowers to hide the window will be what kind of person, always lead to teenager infinite daydream. Beside the street with the transcription of Renaissance paintings relief, bedecked with flowers. Hexagonal pavilion souvenir shop with the brand of "CLOSE", you can see through the window full of exquisite music box and small doll, and the owner of a loud snoring on the couch.

Is afternoon, this street is so quiet, just like "spirited away" the beginning of that part of the picture, here in the middle of the night will be buzzing. Wait until the evening, the lights decayed, sound is opened, jazz and blues play up, delicate food is placed on the table, singing and dancing crowd up... Here, it should be like this. I was in such an inappropriate time.

In inappropriate time, however, will see something real. Contrast in a noisy at night, the day really cold, warm up the summer sunshine. Is the noise in the night, or is the mask?

In the middle of the square stands a statue of the god, fountain, cold splash, impact the heat, water covers everything, this street belong to the night, the day light is too bright, hide secret, at this point, the noisy place was too quiet, so strange.

Then watch the pointer to the bit by bit, the...

Night, the lights appear, the city's night, finally started.

Envy a river. Orange under the setting sun, the river, suffused with the ripples of gold, the bridge, in the light flashing, but the water does not want to stay, it firmly, without hesitation, flow to the distance.

Sunset warm up half the sky, the sky a piece of warm color, the haihe river on both sides of the buildings is orange, then obtained the halo, more can't see the edges and corners of masonry. Traffic stream, coming and going, at dusk, the rush of time, and steps. In the light of the jiefang, dazzling white, silver paint with steel muscles to hold up on both sides of the contact, look into the river, the river is flowing, don't look back.

Rivers, has its own channel, so it can go forward without hesitation. So much good. For some wind, wave and passionate; Some slow wind, water, speed is no longer so quickly. However, it has its direction, that is always don't have to worry about it. To one thousand, in the side of the river two, how many things happened, how to struggle, how to rest, reflect and complex compound. However, water wave, twinkling, on both sides of the scenery is good, however, it will never stop, more won't look back, it's in the future, in the far distance, the pace of it, who also can't stop, it carries the memory of the way, towards the sea, the end of it.

In the warm breeze, I never envy a river.

Human never lack of knowledge and power, but how many people, in the face of many choices, I do not know the direction. Can go forward unswervingly, is a how happy thing ah.

River water and time, is irreversible, want to look back, it is impossible. No retreat, can only go forward, I am looking for my direction, in the water waves, I saw a piece of white light.

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